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Content Analyst Company's Cerebrant is a web-based platform that enables analysts to uncover valuable relationships across various disparate content sources such as internal, paid, open sources and social media feeds.

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Content Analyst Company's CAAT® transforms large volumes of unstructured data into organized, relevant information, and exposes insights hidden in the data. The CAAT platform is a dynamic suite of technologies known as Text Analytics.

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Industries We Serve

Intelligence Community

Our software has been quietly at work in agencies and departments across the federal government for over a decade.

Legal Community

CAAT is a key element in the software solutions being deployed by law firms and clients alike to streamline discovery, address the challenges of ESI, and achieve levels of quality not possible with human-alone solutions.

Information Services

The CAAT API toolkit enables enterprise web content publishers, research firms, and other subscription-based information providers to increase revenue and renewal rates by serving the most relevant content to site visitors.

Talent Management

CAAT integrates seamlessly into ATS and job boards to instantly match candidates with jobs in any language using our proprietary, LSI-based machine learning engine, requiring no dictionaries or word libraries.

Health Informatics

Cerebrant is a highly secure, web-based software solution that enables product managers and researchers to quickly discover hidden relationships and insights within and across vast, disparate collections of internal and external text-based content.

Analytics in Action

  • Fast and Easy Setup and Implementation
  • Finds related content across multiple internal and external content repositories
  • Saves time searching for related content using traditional, labor-intensive search techniques
  • Enables key insights within content in nearly any language
  • Exposes hidden insights and latent relationships between terms and concepts in unstructured, text-based content
  • Finds similar or related content based on conceptual meaning, rather than specific keywords and terms
  • Overcomes issues with misspelling, acronyms, and abbreviations in traditional keyword search


See Content Analyst's CAAT advanced analytics engine live in action or speak to Content Analyst about leveraging CAAT today.

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